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Sometimes we write checks to missionaries without feeling that we are a part of what is happening out on the field of play. The Hope Center is one of those ministries that receive monthly checks from the church, so today, I want to bring you up close to what your support is doing.

This past week, through gifts provided by L-3 employees; the YMCA; Chick- fil-A and others in the community, Brenda and I have had the privilege of distributing over 900 toys; 40 bicycles; 7 tricycles; and about 100 winter coats to needy people in the area.

Let me share a few brief remarks about some of those families we have served this week:

& Friday, the call from a young lady who asked if I could check on a used appliance place where she might be able to sell an old washer in order to buy enough gas to come from Commerce to pick up gifts for her children.

Every family has a story. These aren't "abnormal" situations but the norm for some hurting people who get up every day, not knowing what the day may bring and literally struggling for survival.

That's one reason why all of our literature says: Engage & Invest in A Life

We have the opportunity through your support & that of others to be a light shining in the darkness & despair, showing the love of Christ, who is their only Hope!

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